"Marc David Sketchbook" published by Chemistry Publishing is a collection of the work created by illustrator Marc David Spengler between April 2017 and August 2023.
Marc David's sketchbooks are a collection of images where he lets his imagination go all the way. The evolution of a composition here always starts with a basic form which then eventually by adding color, shapes or lines takes a certain impulsive direction. 
This hand-bound 416-page book (first edition of 150) is printed and bound by Chemistry Publishing. The book measures 23.5 cm wide, 27.5 cm long and is 3.7 cm high and is printed on paper similar to that on which the original illustrations were made.
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In addition to the book Chemistry Publishing also released a sketchbook page as a limited 50 x 70cm fine art print.
Edition of 30 +5 AP's
Available >> HERE <<

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